Shaving Essentials for Men
Taylor of Old Bond Street have been men’s grooming experts for over 150 years. For the closest shave every time, choose from our range of men’s razors, shaving brushes, shaving creams and soaps and a wide range of pre-shave and post-shave toiletries.


A razor from Taylor of Old Bond St is second to none. We have a wide range to chose from including different blades, colours, handle shapes and materials. Discover a razor that best suits your style.

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Shaving Brushes

Our shaving brushes are renowned for their quality. We offer two grades of badger hair, pure and super, as well as synthetic fibre brushes. Within the collection there is a range of knot sizes, handle shapes and colours. Create the softest lather with a traditional shaving brush for the closest shave.

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Best Selling Shaving Cream

The Taylor shaving creams are loved and used by customers around the world. With fragrances ranging from our classic Taylor collections through to zesty, floral or woody tones, there is a scent for everyone.
Prepare your skin for the closest shave with
our range of pre shave oils and gels.
Complete your shave with a fresh splash of
aftershave or cologne.

Shaving Guides

For an insiders guide and expert tips for the closest shave, head over to our Journal to read more.
How to Shave
The art of a wet shave from the experts! With over 150 years in men's grooming, Taylor of Old Bond Street share how.

Using a Straight Razor
Learn how to use and keep a classic razor from the grooming experts at Taylor of Old Bond Street.