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Responsible Sourcing

We are a family company whose actions are rooted in the Taylor family values of respect for the individual, uncompromising ethics and integrity. As a company operating on a global basis, we endeavour to source our ingredients and packaging responsibly.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to operating ethically — we hold ourselves accountable for the impact we make at the heart of our collaboration with our suppliers. We work together on innovating, not just in the traditional sense but also for quality and sustainability. Our success is built on the trust our consumers place in our products. They know our products work. They know we make them to be safe. They know we make them with care. Much of our brand uses resources from all around the world. We endeavour to source our ingredients responsibly and sustainably with respect for local communities and the environment.

At the centre of our philosophy is the core principles we endeavour to uphold.

1. Sustainable Sourcing

To create the highest quality products and experiences for our consumers, we require the best ingredients and packaging materials. Our deep-rooted values guide us to operate with the highest level of integrity and ethics, while caring for people and the environment. We aim to continuously enhance our responsible and ethical sourcing practices in line with goals and objectives and with customer expectations. This means reviewing our relevant policies, working closely with manufacturing suppliers, collaborating with industry groups and peers to improve supplier practices and performance.

2. Renewable Ingredients

The complexity of sourcing raw materials globally requires Taylor of Old Bond Street to constantly review the ingredients used in the manufacture of its product, where possible we use natural based ingredients which are from sustainable sources. We require our manufacturer to check all their sources of raw material supply. Whilst sounding simple, its far more complex, as an example crude oil is a natural product, but not from a sustainable source. Whilst following these principles we are obliged to conform with any local laws regulating the sale and manufacture of cosmetics. Some of these standards require products to meet stringent levels of impurities and microbiological activity. In such cases we will endeavour to maintain our principles but may have to compromise these principles to meet the required standards enforced in some countries.


With the current pressure on plastic packaging, where plastic is used Taylor of Old Bond Street will always try to employ recyclable plastic where possible, and any plastic bags are 100% biodegradable. We constantly evaluate new package options to reduce the plastic content and, when doing so, we evaluate the whole chain and the total impact on the environment. We encourage our customers to recycle where possible and our suppliers to have a strong emphasis on recycling waste.

4.Waste reduction

Our Suppliers are encouraged to have a waste management system to control, and reduce the waste of raw materials, packaging, power, and water consumption. We endeavour to minimise the impact of transportation on our product.

5.Ethical working environments

We insist all of our suppliers abide by the international agreed code of practice on employment conditions and slave labour.

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