Grooming Accessories

All the accessories a man needs to look sharp

From razor stands and shaving mirrors to manicure sets and more, explore our men’s grooming accessories, curated for you to feel your best and keep your bathroom looking stylish.

Razor Stands

With a range of razor stands, there is sure to be a style that suits you and your bathroom.

Shaving Brush Stands

Discover our shaving brush stands designed to look good and care for your natural bristle shaving brush.

Manicure Sets and Implements

Explore the range from the simple nail file and clipper sets to nail scissors and cuticle pushers, our stainless steel implements are the highest quality.

Vanity Mirrors

With freestanding vanity mirrors and wall mounted styles as well, there's a choice for everyone.

Ear and Nose Trimmers

Essential implements for men; our range extends to manual trimmers and battery operated trimmers.

Clothes Brushes for Men

Discover our natural bristle clothes brushes in cherry or beech wood to keep your clothes looking fluff free.

Natural Shoe Horns for Men

Explore our natural shoe horns for men, each one unique and individual.