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Pocket Mason Pearson Pure Bristle Hair Brush in Pink (CB4 Child)


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Mason Pearson has a unique reputation for the highest quality hairbrushes. This is due to not only the versatility of sizes and hair types, but also the design of the hairbrushes. The design consists of first-class quality boar bristle and bristle/nylon set in a pneumatic pad so that every tuft of bristle penetrates right through to the scalp. Mason Pearson hairbrushes are made in various sizes, colours and various hair types including sensitive scalp. Please ask about our limited range of wooden handled brushes by emailing

A lovely introduction to this high-quality brand of hairbrushes. Recommended for children of ages 3-6. These brushes have pure bristle of one length to gently brush the hair while softly massaging the scalp.

Dimensions: L 17.1 x H 3.5 x W 5.08 cm

Child size Mason Pearson brushes come with 5 rings of tufts.

Available in 4 different colours.