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Imitation Ivory Combs


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High quality imitation ivory combs handmade from rhodoid, a material derived from cotton fibres and resin from Italy in a variety of shapes and sizes.



(JI654) Fine/Coarse Teeth Large Comb (squared) - 16.5cm

(JI420) Fine/Coarse Teeth Large Comb (rounded) - 18cm

(JI219) Fine/Coarse Teeth Long Slim Comb - 17cm

(JI013) Fine/Coarse Teeth Pocket Comb (rounded) - 12.5cm

(JI650) Fine/Coarse Teeth Pocket Comb (squared) - 12.5cm

(JI417) Coarse Teeth Large Comb - 16.5cm

(JI601) Coarse Comb with Handle - 19cm

(JI014) Fine Teeth Pocket Comb - 12.5cm

(JI719) Large Rake Comb - 18cm