Taylors of Old Bond Stree
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Shaving Shop

Pre Shave Treatments
Our selection pre shave treatments ensures your skin is prepared for a close and comfortable shave.
Shaving Soaps & Creams
Available in a selection of fragrances, our luxury shaving creams create a uniquely smooth and creamy lather whilst protecting and moisturising the skin.
Aftershaves & Colognes
Based on formulas passed down from generation to generation in the Taylor Tradition - our selection of products are all discreetly fragranced for the true gentleman.
Accidents & Remedies
Essential items to ensure your skin is soothed post shave and any cuts or nicks are sealed.
Shaving Brushes
There are not many experiences as luxurious as the indulgence of a Pure Badger or Super badger shaving brush when lathering the face. Our range of shaving brushes are all tied, knotted & set by hand by skilled craftsmen.
Razors & Sharp Edges
We offer a complete range of razors and accessories, all designed and manufactured to the highest standards for balance and comfort, to ensure the best shave.
Shaving Sets
We are pleased to offer a range of complete Shaving Sets. These sets comprise of Fusion or Mach 3 Razors together with Pure or Super Badger Shaving Brushes, presented on a stand which both displays your set & helps to maintain the brush.
Brush & Razor Stands
A selection of finely crafted razor and brush stands to ensure your items are kept in the most stylish and protective way.